Since bitcoins are actual money and usually require an investment of time, effort, or resources to get, getting free bitcoins might be difficult. Here are a few possible ways in which we can get free bitcoins, but proceed with caution as there are a lot of frauds in the cryptocurrency world. You may earn free Bitcoins from various places on the Internet by doing various tasks, including playing games and watching advertisements. You will, however, only receive a very small amount of Bitcoin. Free Bitcoins can be helpful if the value of the cryptocurrency keeps rising and you are able to make good earnings from it. Furthermore, the quantity of bitcoin you will be given is always arbitrary and varies.

There are different ways to earn free bitcoins:

Below are some of the potential ways to earn free bitcoins:

Get free bitcoins by learning:

By studying about Bitcoin on websites such as Binance Academy, you can earn Bitcoin. This site provides a variety of crypto-related courses and videos for learning purposes. All you have to do is complete the activities or respond to the quiz questions. Your reward will be a small share of a particular cryptocurrency coin based on that.

Get free bitcoins with a browser:

With the help of the special built-in mining algorithm of the CryptoTab Browser, you may earn free bitcoins while using the internet. Daily payouts are made without any commissions. With over 25 million users from more than 220 countries, Crypto Browser is a reliable website. To ensure you don’t lose out on functionality when switching from major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and others, they offer 200K configurable extensions.

Steps to follow:

  1. Get the CryptoTab web browser. It is compatible with tablets, phones, and PCs.
  2. Use CryptoTab in the same way that you would with Safari or Google Chrome.
  3. With CryptoTab, you can earn free bitcoin as you browse the web. Nice, huh?

Get free bitcoins at work:

Certain websites and platforms accept Bitcoin as payment for products, services, or freelance labor. Payday loans in Bitcoin are available to you through websites such as Bitwage.

Get free bitcoins by watching videos:

The internet money-making website with the quickest growth is called Users have already received almost $14,000,000 by performing chores, signing up, playing games, and answering surveys.

Get free bitcoins by watching the online advertisement:

Cointiply is a website that pays users with bitcoins in exchange for performing simple, doable activities like watching ads, playing games, doing survey online, etc. Every assignment you finish will earn you bitcoin. There are no registration fees, and this website is totally free to use.

Get free bitcoins by playing games:

With Satoshi Hero, you may earn Bitcoin by taking part in many genres of games. There is an abundance of games to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy playing. You simultaneously win bitcoins while playing. One such site is QUIDO.

Get free bitcoins by Faucets:

Another well-known website where you can make bitcoin by doing things like seeing ads, making short links and faucets Payments are processed right away. One such popular site is Free Bitcoin.

Get free bitcoins by shopping:

Additionally, you can earn free Bitcoin by using shopping reward firms to aid you with your usual online purchases. You must download an extension for your browser in order to achieve that. You will accrue cashback on your purchases when you check out different things in the form of a small amount of Bitcoin. For instance, Lolli offers free Bitcoin for shopping at over 1000 reputable retailers. To begin earning, all you have to do is download this app. One such site is Lolli.

Get free bitcoins via referral:

There are several affiliate programs accessible in the bitcoin space. You could suggest a service to a buddy, for instance. After that, you receive a discount, accrue reward points, or receive a bonus in both fiat money and bitcoin. For instance, by signing up for Binance’s Bitcoin referral program, you can receive free Bitcoin. When your friends complete a transaction, you will receive 20% of the referral fee. A 20% discount is also extended to your buddy.

Get free bitcoins by doing online jobs:

There’s also another way to obtain free Bitcoins without mining: by completing a designated online assignment. You have to perform certain online duties in order to obtain them. For modest activities like website testing, survey taking, re-tweeting, website analysis, website optimization, and other duties, some businesses will pay you in Bitcoin. One such popular site is truelancer.

Get free bitcoins by mining:

This is a dependable, affordable, and quick way to mine bitcoin. All you need is a Bitcoin miner and a standard PC. You might have to sign up for a mining pool like Binance with other miners in order to begin mining Bitcoin. You shouldn’t expect much from this kind of mining because it yields fewer bitcoins than the electricity required to run them.

Get free bitcoins by Funding for Ideas:

Certain projects, activities, or ideas in Bitcoin are funded by certain organizations and individuals. If you think your project or idea is worthwhile, you are welcome to join and get rewarded. This is happening with the help of crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo.

Get free bitcoins by selling products and services:

Getting free bitcoins quickly can also be accomplished by selling goods and services. Any product or service that you sell and accept Bitcoin as payment for can bring in a healthy profit. These days, a lot of proprietors of eCommerce websites accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Moreover, you may sell items for Bitcoin on platforms like and

Get more free bitcoins from popular bitcoin sites:

  • One of the most popular and established Bitcoin faucets is this earning website. Press the “roll” button to receive up to $200 in free Bitcoins per hour. With each roll, you can earn a few Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. You can roll once every hour.
  • CoinEarn: By learning about particular expert responses, you can earn up to 167 USD. This website is not a Bitcoin faucet. The simplest way to get free cryptocurrency is here.
  • You may earn Bitcoin on this website by shopping, gaming, trying out new things, and sharing your thoughts. You can redeem cryptocurrency awards on this website and receive them straight into your Uphold wallet. You and your friend will both receive up to $2 in free cryptocurrency for each new user you recommend.


Keep in mind that even if you can get free Bitcoin via these methods, the quantities are frequently minimal. Avoid falling for scammers, and never give out personal information or money in exchange for free Bitcoin. Do your research carefully and with appropriate devotion at all times. Additionally, be ready to incur any risks and losses because the bitcoin market is extremely speculative and volatile.


Answer: Internet browsing is the simplest way to obtain free Bitcoins fast. After downloading and installing the CryptoBrowser, you will receive payment in the form of Satoshi whenever you browse the internet.

Answer: Earning free Bitcoin is possible through a variety of activities, such as watching advertisements, engaging in gaming or gambling, or using a particular job on the web. You can also get it earn in the Tip to your crypto wallet account via bar code transfer.

Answer: You can make a cash payout, however, keep in mind that there is a minimum withdrawal threshold that applies until you reach a predetermined Bitcoin value.

Answer:  While some apps make the claim to give free Bitcoin, they frequently need you to play games, finish tasks, or view advertising. Always exercise caution and due diligence because some may be frauds. Buying or earning cryptocurrency from reliable sources is preferable.

Answer:  Use CryptoTab browsing in the same way that you would with Safari or Google Chrome seems most easiest and fastest way to earn  bitcoins.

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